Gainesville, Fl

King's Window Cleaning

Environmentally Friendly Window Cleaning

We use a five stage water fed pole filtration system.  Our water fed pole system uses reverse osmosis to produce 100%  pure water to safely clean your windows with out leaving residue, streaks or spots on your windows. Your windows will dry with a spot free, sparkling finish!


Our window cleaning system allow us to clean windows up to 70 feet high all from the safety of the ground!  What does this mean for you?  It means we are able to offer you more competitive pricing because of our reduced liability.



What are the Benefits to window cleaning with a water fed pole system?

  • Lower Cost - Our water fed pole system allows us to clean from the ground, often eliminating the cost of a lift.
  • Environmentally Friendly - No Chemicals or Detergents.
  • Windows Stay Cleaner Longer - Because we don't use detergents, there is no residue left behind to attract dirt.
  • No Property Damage Due to Lifts.
  • No Ladders - This means increased safety for us, your employees and your customers.
  • Privacy - Because we can clean from the ground you have more privacy and less disturbances.
  • Cleans Windows and Window Frames at the Same Time.
  • Faster - So you can keep doing what you do best.
  • Clean, Spot Free Windows!
  • Perfect for cleaning Solar Panels